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Business Savings Products

Profile: has unlimited over the counter withdrawals while earning interest

  • Minimum to open – $100
  • Excessive debit fee – $20 each
  • Interest bearing
  • Maintenance fee – $10
  • Minimum daily balance to avoid monthly maintenance fee is $50.00

Certificates of Deposit (CD)

  • Competitive Rates (View current CD rate)
  • Minimum to open – $1,000
  • Interest compounding monthly
  • Variety of maturities
  • Penalty for early withdrawal

* Federal restrictions limit the number of debit/withdrawal transactions. You may make up to six pre-authorized, telephone transfers to other Plains State Bank accounts or to third parties each statement period. Three of these withdrawals may be check, draft or debit card (third party transactions). Each withdrawal thereafter will incur an Excessive Debit Fee of $20.00. Plains State Bank reserves the right to close or reclassify your account if these limitations are exceeded on a recurring basis.

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